Book Review: Mary Queen of Scots’ Secretary by Robert Stedall

Book Review by Sarah J. Hodder, This book centres around William Maitland, secretary to Mary Queen of Scots and one of the men around her who both supported her and, it seems, played a large part in engineering her downfall. I have long had an interest in Mary as a character, who seems to have been an incredibly strong woman who made some incredibly bad decisions. But I knew nothing about Maitland, other than perhaps his name, so was keen to find out how more about him and [More]

Elizabeth and Mary – Battling Down the Centuries (Guest Post)

                 Guest article by Sarah Gristwood It would be hard to find two women about whom more has been written than Elizabeth Tudor and Mary Stuart - separately and, of course, together. I’ve written repeatedly of them both myself, in fiction as well as in factual history. Each a star turn, they are often presented as counterbalance to each other: Mary the heart to Elizabeth’s head. And which one you prefer isn’t only a matter of personal taste - pe [More]