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Anne Boleyn: The Rise

Guest Article By P. Deegan Part 1: The Rise – Mainly Katherine vs Anne This article was going to be about the downfall of Anne Boleyn. However I believe her downfall must be seen within the context of their whole relationship so this article now covers her rise as well as her fall. There is…

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Rise & Fall: Katherine Howard

“Rose without a Thorn” On 28 July 1540, Henry VIII married Katherine Howard at Oatlands Palace (see image). The ceremony was performed by Bishop Bonner in private. Their nuptials were kept secret for ten days before returning to the insanity of court life. The king, who was infatuated with his new bride, wanted to spend…

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Jane Seymour’s Rise to the Throne

  Birth: October 1507/08 (determined by the # of ladies in her funeral procession) Parents: Sir John Seymour & Margery/Margaret Wentworth Siblings: Edward, Elizabeth, Thomas & Henry (may be more) Spouse: King Henry VIII Children: King Edward VI Jane Seymour was a descendant of King Edward III’s son Lionel of Antwerp, 1st Duke of Clarence.…

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