What’s On The Shelf? (Part One)

Lets face it, we are addicted to history! Right? Nothing helps fill your Tudor library like a post with images of books. You might find yourself saying something like, "I need that book" or "I know my 'to be read' (TBR) pile is out of control, but I want this book". This post is a few suggestions of titles from my bookshelf. I've reached critical mass with my bookshelf and need to take an inventory, as well as trim my collection. This always proves difficult for me. I'm a [More]

Love in the Past Lane: Writing Historical Romance (Guest Post)

Love in the Past Lane: Writing Historical Romance by Natalie Murray, author of Emmie and the Tudor King The contentious advice to ‘write what you know’ is particularly unhelpful for historical romance authors. I write books set mostly in sixteenth-century England and, the last time I checked, I wasn’t 450 years old (although sometimes I feel it… *creak*). So I admittedly have little experience with chamber pots, jousting, and high treason, but I do know romance, [More]