Book Review: Uncrowned Queen by Nicola Tallis

Written by Rebecca Larson

Margaret Beaufort is quite possibly the most misrepresented characters of the Tudor era, but thanks to Dr. Nicola Tallis’ meticulous research we are exposed to a Margaret Beaufort that many of us have never seen before.

Book Synopsis:

In 1485, Henry VII became the first Tudor king of England. His victory owed much to his mother, Lady Margaret Beaufort. Over decades and across countries, Margaret had schemed to install her son on the throne and end the War of the Roses. Margaret’s extraordinarily close relationship with Henry, coupled with her role in political and ceremonial affairs, ensured that she was treated — and behaved — as a queen in all but name. Against a lavish backdrop of pageantry and ambition, court intrigue and war, historian Nicola Tallis illuminates how a dynamic, brilliant woman orchestrated the rise of the Tudors.

A childhood raised as a descendant of John of Gaunt and Katherine Swynford, Margaret Beaufort and her kin understood the power they held. Born illegitimate, the Beaufort siblings must have been ecstatic when their cousin Richard II legitimatized them, only to have their half-brother, and usurper Henry IV, determine that the Beaufort line could not inherit the crown. Thankfully, for the Beaufort line, he never passed the law through Parliament, essentially making his command a verbal only agreement.

Margaret Beaufort, from early on was a pawnfor alliances and family connections. Married four times in all, Margaret quickly realized after the unexpected death of her second husband, Edmund Tudor, that without a man in her corner there was nobody to protect her property and her interests, after all, Margaret was a wealthy heiress.

Often seen by many as the woman, whom from the birth of her son, was trying to make him King of England – this will show you otherwise. This wonderfully researched and written book by Dr Nicola Tallis will show you sides of Margaret Beaufort that you never expected.

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