1. Anon

    Sorry but I remain firmly in the pro Elizabeth, anti Mary camp. This pro Mary Tudor trend needs to,end,,and soon.

    • Banditqueen

      Who are you to say what people should write or believe? You would probably condemn Mary Tudor for doing just that but your comment that being pro Mary should end and soon shows you think the same way and are intolerant. I have no problem with people being in favour of Elizabeth, but telling an author not to promote Mary is wrong. Elizabeth has had good press and Mary unfair press and it’s about time this was balanced with better insights and understanding based on real research, not propaganda, which this book does. There are a few good biographies of Mary written lately, by Anna Whitlock and Linda Porter and I would recommend them.

      • Banditqueen, good points. I am pro Elizabeth myself but I am tired of the trend of acting like mary was evil. She was a very kind woman and even though she burnt people was still a good person. I think the current pro mary, anti Elizabeth trend is just trying to correct 500 years of unfair propaganda.

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