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    We are the surviving American Tudors as described to me by my father in 1978 at age 92. His Marsh family goes back to the great grandfather Ralph Marsh of Whitehall Marsh connection in Ohio and the Codrington’s of Watchfield Mannor Bath, England. Henry VIII left the manor of St. Catherine’s Priory to Ethelralda Maulte the Kings Taylor. She in turn left it to her daughter, and her daughter so on down to Anne Steubbs Codrington Marsh of London. Codrington was the family Anne Steubbs married into and they were in Ohio 1850 where my grandmother marsh is descended from them. My father knew of this and at age 92 told me about the connection to Etheleralda. Further his own bloodline and mine is now proved to be Sutton Dudley as in Sir Robert Dudley 1532. we match Dudley DNA 60/67 markers of known cousins of Dudley. Further: The boy raised by Sir John Perrot 1528 the queens 1/2 brother by Mary Berkley Pughe is named as my 8th great grandfather: John Perratt II 1565 enrolled at Oxford Greys Inn 1580. He’s the father of my known 7th great grandfather Perrot ap Rice 1598 of Tenby and he’s the father of my proved 6th great grandfather. My mother is the 15th great grand daughter of Owen Tudor and Catherin de Valois. Our mother was chosen by our father because she is descended from the Windsor Castle Chalfant stock…See Lucy and Elizabeth Chalfant 1541 and brother William Chalfant also 1541. Anne of Cleaves is a great Aunt. Our faces represent The Tudors, Valois, Henry III of France and Louis XI….that’s 4 lines of Tudor DNA in one marriage. D. Charles Rice 1948 and the American Tudors

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          Another post has some comments about genealogy that some did not appreciate. I will never discourage conversation about genealogy since that is another passion of mine.

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