1. Miss Kitty

    I think she was human I think at the age of thirteen she went to the court of Margaret of Austria to improve her french she had no idea what was going to happen to her in the future she wanted to impress her father by doing well at it and the other abilities she needed to become a maid of honour so she could marry a noble of her rank she was picked to join Mary Tudor in France because she was very good in French and would be a help to Mary I don’t think there was a plot to marry her off to the King Of England the King would have your head if anyone bossed him around
    I am sure the book is very nice

  2. Good review – I discovered that Mary Boleyn accompanied Henry VII’s eighteen year-old daughter Mary Tudor as one of her damsels when she was lucky enough to marry the fifty-three year old (syphilitic) King Louis XII of France. (He died soon afterwards)

    • Natalia Richards

      Hi Tony, Yes indeed, and you can read all about what happened to Mary and Anne in my next novel ‘Falcon’s Flight’. I’m busy writing it now!

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