1. Thanks for the review on my book. As stated in the Foreword, I’ve tried to adhere to the facts as best as possible. With so many different sources, dates vary sometimes by months so it’s difficult to pin down the exact date at times. Sometimes births are out by years and with as many as four variances..
    This work was meant to tell of the Kings and England and their life stories and although I not an expert in any dynasty, it is meant to bring back the love of history to many, written as a narrative and bringing these characters to life.
    Thank you for the review and thank you for saying the ‘writing style is wonderful’.

  2. Hans van Felius

    I do not know the book, but if the author made so many mistakes for the Tudor period, I wonder what happened to the other periods! The title Vikings to Virgin makes me wonder with what king the story starts? Traditionally the story starts with the Wessex kings, of which Athelstan was the first to be king of the English. The Viking kings were slightly later…
    The problem with this kind of general work is that the author gets too little time for too much work. Which may explain some of the errors…

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