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meWhenever I purchase new books I post pictures of them on our social media sites to share my recent finds. It has been requested by a follower to make a list and share all of our books with you.

A majority of these books are available on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. If you have any questions please let me know and I’ll do my best to assist you in finding them or answering your questions regarding recommendation. I’ve linked the images to places you can purchase online.

If you haven’t noticed, I was a big fan of Philippa Gregory’s books. They’re historical fiction. Her Cousins’ War series really got me interested in learning more about the Wars of the Roses and from there I began my research on Plantagenets. My three favorite books in my Gregory collection are: The White Queen, The King’s Curse and The Taming of the Queen. To be honest, the only one I didn’t like was The White Princess – it was slow and boring, in my opinion. The Red Queen really painted Margaret Beaufort as the villain, so don’t read that one if you’re a Margaret Beaufort fan.

I began by reading Jean Plaidy books and then followed with the Gregory books. From there my thirst for Tudor knowledge has continued and I’ll buy any book on the subject and research it after.

This collection will continue to grow as I indulge my book addiction. Lately I’ve been finding books at thrift shops and now I’m on the hunt for more – who doesn’t like a good deal? I’ve also found some used books on Amazon for a ridiculously cheap price and I don’t care that the dust jacket is damaged because it’s worth paying only $.01 + shipping for the book.

The White Queen, 2009 The Red Queen, 2010 The Kingmaker's Daughter, 2012 The White Princess, 2013 The King's Curse, 2014 The Taming of the Queen, 2015 The Thistle and the Rose, 2004 Elizabeth - The Struggle for the Throne, 2007 The Forgotten Tudor Women, 2015 Blood Sisters, 2013 The Plantagenets, 2012 Six Wives of Henry VIII, 1991 Children of Henry VIII, 1997 Elizabeth of York, 2013 Autobiography of Henry VIII, 1998 Mary Queen of Scotland, 1997 Robert the Bruce, 1996 Henry II, 1977 Time Traveler's Guide, 2008 A History of...., 1995 Medieval History, 2002 Medieval Europe, 1991 The Plantagenets, 1959 The Lost King, 2014












































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  1. I was wondering if you would be interested in reading my dad’s book entitled Kings, Queens and Cowards and writing a review for him. Thank you

  2. You have a wonderful collection. Every one looks like a good read. W e have the Philipa Gregory ones. My sister read them and enjoyed them very much. We also have a few books on English history and Mary Queen Of Scots by Antonia Fraser(my favorite all time book).

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