Birth Announcement of Queen Elizabeth I

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By the Queen [Anne Boleyn]

Right trusty and well-beloved, we greet you well. And whereas it hath pleased the goodness of Almighty God of His infinite mercy and grace to send unto us at this time good speed in the deliverance and bringing forth of a princess to the great joy and inward comfort of my Lord, us, and of all his good and loving subjects of this his realm, for which inestimable benevolence so shown unto us we have no little cause to give high thanks, laud and praise unto our said Maker, like as we do most lowly, humbly, and with all the inward desire of our heart. And inasmuch as we undoubtedly trust that this our good speed is to your great pleasure, comfort and consolation, we therefore by this our letters advertise you thereof, desiring and heartily praying you to give with us unto Almighty God high thanks, glory, laud and praise, and to pray for the good health, prosperity, and continual preservation of the said Princess accordingly. Given under our signet at my lords’ Manor of Greenwich. The 7th day of September, in the 25th year of my said lord’s Reign.

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  1. Rebecca, I thank you and so enjoy reading your posts! I am in the process of discovering my “roots”–am decended to the Maxwells from Scotland. Need to join world ancestery to go back-have gone back 12 generations here in the US–want to go back further when I can. Again thanks for your very informative information.

  2. When my daughter was born, I said, “She is beautiful. And I love her with every bit of my heart”. Tears were streaming down by face, and not from the pain. She was my beloved child, so I named her Amy.

    Such is the difference between the peasants and the Royalty.

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