1. Sonia Walker

    Very interesting. It is new to me, although I am reasonably well read in history – I have not read deeply about the Tudors;

  2. Eckelmann

    Fitzroy can’t have been the only son born out of wedlock. It is rumored that Mary Boleyn also gave birrh to a royal bastard. Why have those never been officially accepted? I mean BEFORE HEnry fell in love with Anne.

    • Amanda

      I believe it might be because Bessie was unmarried and therefore, it was fairly certain it was the Kings child. Mary was married during her affair and so her children were legally legitimate children of her husbands regardless of their true parentage. But I could be wrong.

  3. Christin Rauwolf Winckelmann

    Makes you wonder what would have happened to Henry Fitzroy, had he lived beyond the death of Edward VI.

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