The Other Seymours: Dorothy Seymour Smith Leventhorpe

Written by Rebecca Larson In my previous post about Sir Henry Seymour, I briefly mentioned another sister called Dorothy. As far as all the living Seymour siblings go it is Henry and Dorothy that we know very little about. When I decided to write an article the lesser known Seymour daughter I hoped that I could come across something that had never been published about her - that I would find some contemporary evidence that would give a glimpse at who she was as a person. [More]

Richard III: Road to Kingship

Guest article by Matthew Lewis Richard III remains one of England and Britain’s most controversial and divisive monarchs, his profile defying his brief reign of just two years between 1483 and 1485. His accession and rule remain shrouded in uncertainty and occluded by the widest possible interpretations, from a wholly good man forced to become king to an evil schemer who plotted and murdered his way to the throne. The truth, as with most things, probably lies somewhere [More]

Tudor Fun for Free

Since many of you will be spending extending periods of time in doors, I've decided to put together a group of videos you can watch, music you can listen to and free books you can read! I will be continually adding new things to this collection, so check back daily. I hope you enjoy what I've put together for you. THIS MAY TAKE A MINUTE TO LOAD AS THERE IS A LOT HERE! Music: My favorite to listen to when I want to relax and be [More]