Artists of the Tudor Court: Hans Eworth

Paintings of people who lived during the Tudor period (or any period at all) have always fascinated me. Maybe it’s because I cannot paint like they could – some have a way, like Hans Holbein the Younger, of bringing the sitter to life. The details are what amaze me the most – they men (and women) were truly talented artist.

With that being said, I’ve decided to do an ongoing series on the artists of the Tudor court. I’ve already done Hans Holbein the Younger and now we will look at some of the portraits by Hans Eworth. As you’ll notice, Eworth was very talented, but in my opinion, not as talented as Holbein. It is quite possible that looking at the portraits below that you did not know they were painted by Eworth. I am hoping that by doing this series that it will show everyone that there were many people who earned a living as an artist at Tudor court.

Hans Eworth

Hans Eworthwas a Flemish painter in the mid-16th century. “He made a career in London, painting allegorical images as well as portraits of the gentry and nobility. About 40 paintings are now attributed to Eworth, among them portraits of Mary I and Elizabeth I. Eworth also executed decorative commissions for Elizabeth’s Office of the Revels in the early 1570s.”

Here are some of the portraits he created of gentry and nobility:

Queen Mary I, NPG 4861
Nicholas Heath, NPG 1388
Anthony Browne, 1st Viscount Montagu, NPG 842
Queen Elizabeth, Ancient House, Museum of Thetford Life;
Portrait of an Unknown Lady; Tate;
Portrait of a Lady;University of Oxford
Portrait of an Unknown Lady; Tate;
Henry VIII; University of Cambridge
Elizabeth Roydon, Lady Golding; Tate


Bess of Hardwick; National Trust, Hardwick Hall
Queen Mary I; University of Cambridge
Chideok Tichborne National Trust, Petworth House;
Edward VI; University of Cambridge
Queen Mary I; Society of Antiquaries of London
Mary Dudley, Lady Sidney; Nat’l Trust, Petworth
Gentleman of the Selwyn Family; Wallace Collection
Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley; National Galleries of Scotland
Lady Mary Grey; The Chequers Trust
Unknown Lady; National Trust, Tatton Park
Mary Neville, Lady Dacre, National Trust, The Vyne
Mary Nevill, Lady Dacre; Gregory Fiennes, 10th Baron Dacre; NPG, London
An Allegorical Portrait of Sir John Luttrell; National Trust, Dunster Castle
Elizabeth I and the Three Goddesses 1569







If you’re interested in learning more about Eworth:


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Portraits: Credit to for the use of the images – credit for image under each portrait.

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