1. Samantha Long

    Given her character, it seems like something she would have written. She asked for mercy but at the same time stood her ground that she had done nothing wrong. She knew why he wanted to get rid of her. She knew he wanted Jane. She understood even though she was innocent, he would kill her if it meant getting what he wanted. An honest person can face death knowing God makes the final judgement. I think the letter was hidden from Henry. He wanted to be rid of her without having to hear anything about it.

  2. h Lady Hnslin

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  3. Carol

    Don’t think anyone would have shown this letter to Henry, if she did write it. His conscience couldn’t have borne it, and his conscience was always clear(ha). Cromwell would have been afraid of his wrath.

    • I think it makes sense that Anne would have written this letter as she knew that her days as queen were numbered. She stated her innocence but was forthright about the King wanting to admonish her.
      I also think she would not beg for his forgiveness in any way. Lastly she was concerned about the future of their daughter and how she would be treated.

  4. Sylvia DeForrest

    I believe that the letter is real. Anne Boleyn was a very shrewd and politically savvy woman. She was walking a fine line here. She was willing to confess to any real sin that she may have committed. But, she also knew not to trust Cromwell to deliver her “confession” to the King in a manner that would denote her words accurately and truthfully. She desperately wanted to face Henry directly, work her charm on him, and then procure her freedom.

  5. Candia Harland

    I would think it would be real as it was found in Thomas Cromwell’s things.Why would a copy of her letter be in his things? Unless he Copyed Annes letter and burnt the original. But that wouldn’t make much sence eather.

  6. Catherine Hunt

    I don’t think this is authentic because long before her arrest Anne knew she was doomed and that the trial a mere formality hence her statement at the trial:
    Charged is not convicted or is it in this court ?!
    She knew Henry’s personality only too well and knew well before her arrest that he wanted Jane Seymour and what he wanted he always got by fair means or foul
    She herself had a degree of obstinacy and no matter how great her fear would never have written in such a pleading tone

    • Mary McCauley

      If this letter is not real why would it be found in in Thomas Cromwell’s things? I think if Anne was guilty of anything it was having too much pride. Cromwell did not like the ambitious Boleyn family. I’m sure that Anne loved Henry, but whether Henry really loved Anne–I don’t know. Her arrest, trial, and execution happened so quickly. She endured it according to history with grace. Her poor body was placed into an empty arrow box, and she was given a traitor’s burial. Poor misunderstood Anne

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