1. Howard Jones22

    The link between the Holbein drawing and the name Anne Parr is tenuous and lacking in any sort of substance. If we look at the face closely there does appear to be a close resemblance with Jane Seymour the Kings third Queen.

    There is much confusion amongst surviving Tudor portraits. It has not been helped by writers such as David Starkey an otherwise a brilliant historian making strange proposals which just show that they have little interest in faces and portraiture.

    I believe Susan E James claims this cover picture shows Anne Parr by Holbein. The only recognised picture of Anne is in the stained glass painting at Wilton parish Church. I suspect the identification of this lady awith Anne is incorrect.

  2. Abigail

    Anne Parr is my great, great, great etc grandmother, evidently I look a little like her. I only found this out recently while researching my family tree. But since chilhood I have been fascinated by the Tudor period and Anne Boleyn in particular. Thank you for your information. Abigail

    • Abigail,
      Ann Parr is my first cousin 13 generations ago. I found out while researching my family tree too. So fascinating! Elizabeth Fitz-Hugh Parr is my 15th great grandmother.

  3. That is so interesting! I agree, what if she had a diary and it survived?! For one, it would be super long but I would love to see what kind of advice she gave to her sister and maybe Anne Boleyn too! 🙂

    Thank you for this!

  4. Catalina Monti di Oro

    One can never really be sure if Henry would have been able to have a child on Katherine Parr because they did sleep together, meaning have sex together. Henry would have insisted on that and Katherine Parr, Lady Borough, Lady Latimer, Queen of England would never have thought not to have sex with her husband. She felt that she became Queen because it was the destiny of England and her destiny, which it was because she was instrumental in having Henry the Eight add the Lady Mary into his will. But Katherine Parr’s sister, the Lady Anne Parr was more interesting because she saw it all. All Henry’s queens go through all that they did and she was respected enough to be in the confidence of every Queen, even Anne of Cleves.

  5. Jean Gaherity

    At the time of Henry and Katherine Parr’s marriage I highly doubt Henry was capable of fathering children.

    Katherine would not have needed coaching in how to avoid pregnancy.

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