1. Kindly look further into this Ms. Larsen: My family tradition traces the twin girls born in 1541 to Anne of Cleaves and Henry VIII. The did become quite good “FRIENDS” between January in the first meeting and July when her annulment/divorce was final….Yes quite good friends….why else would the court make an inquiry after her status? Posing the question in writing and answered thus. “No, I have had no son of his Majesty King Henry”. The Chalfants record the twins as daughters of Henry VIII and either the former queen or Margaret Artbroke-Chalfant. They were stewards for generations at Windsor Castle. These girls are well known in History and we know their married names were Lucy Chalfant Widmer and Elizabeth Chalfant Hinkley. History shows a brother Richard was also born 1541…strange coincidence? I don’t think so. My father chose my mother because she is descended from this Special Family. DCR

    • Tudors Dynasty

      Dale, all I know about this subject is from what I’ve read. I have not read anything about twin girls. I have read that when Henry heard the rumors that Anne was pregnant he was upset because she was unmarried and had not had an approved marriage. Anne adamantly said that she had no children, not specifically a boy.

  2. Robert Kapanjie

    The way I understood it when Henry first saw Anne he remarked ” I like her not ” Thomas Cromwell as a reward for facilitating this disastrous union, lost his head , literally not figuratively , being decapitated a fate that Henry since regretted , too late of course.An attempt was made to lay culpability on Hans Holbein for executing a too glamorous painting of Anne. Again Hans was only doing his job.


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