1. Adrianne Roy

    Hi! I’m doing research on Dona Beatriz Mendes (aka Mendez, or Gracia Nasi), a contemporary of Lady Lisle and John Hussee. There might be some correspondence between Hussee and Lady Lisle that mentions her, possibly in 1536 or 37. If you happen to come across the Mendes/Nasi or even Benveniste names mentioned, can you share them with me? Many thanks!

  2. Natalia Richards

    I believe he was called Purkoy because he had an inquisitive look, a look of ‘Pourquoi?’ or ‘Why?’ in French. I’m not sure where I read this but it does sound plausible.

  3. Sir Francis doesn’t strike as a good master for anything , perhaps a python? Despite his untimely death, Purkoy was better off with Anne.

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