1. Banditqueen

    20/21 The executioner was ordered well in advance and Anne had nothing to do with it, although it is possible she made some form of requests. However, Anne didn’t even believe she would die. Why would she? Other royal women had been spared in the past, even ones who were definitely traitors. Even Richard iii refused the attainment of Margaret Beaufort passed by Parliament. She was put under the control of her husband. Constance of York was separated from her children but ultimately spared a death sentence. Eleanor Cobbam was imprisoned for life and in Russia a number of traitors were banished to monasteries if wives or female relations of the Tsar. Anne foolishly believed Henry was testing her up to the night before her execution.

    The executioner had to travel a fair distance so had to be ordered in advance. There is a lot of evidence that Anne’s trial was well and truly set up because it was loaded with her enemies and their relatives. He was delayed because his horse was lame for 24 hours and in fact the delay was known about the day before her execution but Anne wasn’t told until that evening at dinner and was waiting twice to die, once at 8.a.m, then at noon. She was prepared for her death and afraid she might falter. She had to prepare again that night in prayer. Anne and the others were innocent.

  2. Fuffy

    I thought Anne asked Henry to have the French swordsman cut off her head and that the swordsman distracted her by hiding the sword in a stack of hay by the execution block. If Henry ordered the swordsman before the trial then why was the execution delayed because the French swordsman was late getting to the Tower of London?

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