Anne Boleyn in Theses, Dissertations & Nonfiction Books

A Collection of links to free post-secondary research into Henry VIII’s second wife. 


To offer you free resources to learn about one of the most talked about women in history – Anne Boelyn.

This is a collection of theses, dissertations and books written on your favorite subject. Take the time to absorb all the views of these brilliant historians and authors.


The Politics of Public Relations: Concepts of Image, Reputation and Authority in Henry VIII’s England

Lyndsi Lewis

Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College

The unluckiest queen: A gendered examination of Anne Boleyn (2016)

Alternative title(s): Gendered examination of Anne Boleyn

 Hetherington, Anna Kathleen

Martyr, Victim, Schemer, or Queen? Debating the Character of Anne Boleyn from Tudor England to the Present Day (thesis)

Anne Boleyn: Living a Thousand Lives Forever Amanda S. Nicholson East Tennessee State University

The Fall of Anne Boleyn:   A Historiographical Study By Joann Conger

Iconic 16th Century Queens: Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots as Portrayed in Contemporary Historical Fiction by Women

Anna Dögg Gylfadóttir

Anne Boleyn: Whore or Martyr? An Individual’s Religious Beliefs Shaping the Perception of the Queen of England

Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII 

Reframing the Role of Renaissance Women: Anne Boleyn as a Humanist 

Kara E. Guthrie 

Georgia Southern University

The unblemished concubine: Representations of Anne Boleyn in the English written word, 2000-2012 [Thesis].

Saxton, Laura. (2015).

Patriarchal Dynamics in Politics: How Anne Boleyn ’s Femininity Brought her Power and Death 

Rebecca Ries-Roncalli 

John Carroll University

Anne Boleyn: a Significant Historical Personality

A “Princely Lady”: The Religion, Power and Identity of Anne Boleyn Alexandra Elise Deselms (2014)

‘Skewed intimacies and subcultural identities: Anne Boleyn and the expression of fealty in a social media forum’ 

Mickey Mayhew 

The Role and Influence of Anne Boleyn Cynthia L. Abrams Riverdale High School

Spring 2013 An Innocent Victim?: The P An Innocent Victim?: The Portrayal of Anne Bole al of Anne Boleyn in F yn in French Drama, Art, and Literature of the 1830s 

Molly Driscoll 

University of New Hampshire – Main Campus 


List of nonfiction books on Anne Boleyn

Learning the truth about Anne Boleyn must begin with proper sources. These books provided below are ones that I know were properly researched and written. Some may have theories you disagree with (and some may have been published long ago), but it’s important to read other theories so that you can research and determine your own.

The Rise and Fall of Anne Boleyn: Family Politics at the Court of Henry VIII

By Retha Warnicke

The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn

By Eric Ives

Anne Boleyn: Fatal Attractions

By G.W. Bernard

The Creation of Anne Boleyn: A New Look at England’s Most Notorious Queen

By Susan Bordo

The Afterlife of Anne Boleyn – Representations of Anne Boleyn in Fiction and on the Screens

By Stephanie Russo

Anne Boleyn: Henry VIII’s Obsession

By Elizabeth Norton

The Anne Boleyn Papers

By Elizabeth Norton

Anne Boleyn: The Queen of Controversy

By Lacey Baldwin-Smith


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  1. Hi Rebecca, thank you for this amazing list of theses, dissertations and nonfiction books on Anne Boleyn. I’m particularly interested in Rebecca Ries-Roncalli’s study of Anne Boleyn’s femininity leading to her demise. Lacey Bonar-Hull’s discussion of gossip surrounding Anne’s early time at court is very intriguing to be sure. It’s so I retesting to think of how Anne used and misused her femininity in the contexts of her time and in relation to Henry’s mercurial moods. Thanks again!

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