Anne Boleyn Becomes Marquess of Pembroke

On 1 September 1532, Anne Boleyn was raised to the title Marquess of Pembroke, in her own right. The reason? Preparation for Anne to be introduced to the king of France – King Francis I.  Would Francis have remembered Anne as a maid of honor to his wife –  Queen Claude?

This would have been a triumphant day for Anne – this day officially raised her up. She now had a title befitting of a queen and should no longer be considered a ‘commoner.’  The title had never been held by a woman and the earldom of Pembroke had previously been held by Henry VIII’s great-uncle, Jasper Tudor.

Along with this new title came property. It is said that Anne received five manors in Wales, one in Somerset, two in Essex, and five in Hertfordshire including Hunsdon and Eastwick.

Anne Boleyn

This is shared from The Anne Boleyn Files article, “Anne Boleyn Become Marquis of Pembroke“:

” ‘Creacion of lady Anne, doughter to therle of Wilteshier, marquesse of Penbroke.’
Sunday, 1 Sept. 1532, 24 Hen. VIII. The lady was conveyed by noblemen and the officers of arms at Windsor Castle to the King, who was accompanied by the dukes of Norfolk and Suffolk and other noblemen, and the ambassador of France. Mr. Garter bore her patent of creation; and lady Mary, daughter to the duke of Norfolk, her mantle of crimson velvet, furred with ermines, and a coronet. The lady Marques, who was “in her hair,” and dressed in a surcoat of crimson velvet, furred with ermines, with strait sleeves, was led by Elizabeth countess of Rutland, and Dorothy countess of Sussex. While she kneeled before the King, Garter delivered her patent, which was read by the bishop of Winchester. The King invested her with the mantle and coronet, and gave her two patents,—one of her creation, the other of 1,000l. a year. She thanked the King, and returned to her chamber.’

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