1. Denise Hansen

    The reference to a balcony is confusing here and I am wondering where that evidence comes from. I also agree with a previous comment regarding the assumption in the post about suicide in Tudor times. I have read a lot about this case and this post is interesting but there are some holes in the arguments. There needs to be more research presented about such a complex case.

  2. As an investigator and criminaloligist of 13 years daily experience once would look to the conditions of the body….she had cancer or likely did according to what’s been said here.

    If her neck were broken in the fall that would be apparent. Ascribing motive to others is not part of the scientific method…only evidence is considered and since the persons with the most alleged motive of GAIN were not at hand….one is left with accidental death by means of trauma not inflicted by intention. The rest of what was said then and now is born of a SPIRIT that is neither interested in the TRUTH nor a good moral assesment of others. For that one must look to one’s self for the answer and leave the poor woman’s tragic death just that. DCR

  3. Patrick Collins

    Actually, Mrs Odingsells along with Mrs Owen did stay with Amy, granted they were lodged in a different part of the house at the time of Amy’s death but they were still there. Does the author of this piece know much about this case? I wonder.

  4. You say that it was not a love match, and then 5 paragraphs down you say, “deprived of the person she would have loved to spend her final days with.” How do you know this?

  5. Alan Powers

    I think she was murdered and I believe Robert Dudley was responsible he had so much to gain if she died he could get closer to the queen and be better off wealth wise I remember reading another account of this and Dudley had been missing in the royal court the queen had been asking where he was all his family had done things for personel gains his grandfather his father and later on his brother


      It did not go well for him, it ruined his relationship with the Queen. That’s why it’s often speculated that she was murdered by someone looking to sabotage him.

  6. Charlene

    I don’t disagree that someone might have killed Amy Robsart, but I do disagree with your reasoning.

    For one thing, it ls *not* “well-known” – or, for that matter, true in any way – that unmedicated cancer patients weaken as the day goes on. Cancer patients ***who are under a modern evidence-based medical treatment plan*** are often stronger in the morning – but that’s “often”, not “usually”, and most absolutely not “always” as your essay would have us believe – but cancer patients who are not on medication and have not undergone chemotherapy do not always have a regular pattern of better/worse – and when they do it’s not usually based on a day/night rhythm. (It may be more closely related to hydration, warmth, or even mental state than wakefulness or the position of the sun. Some who cycle do so through a pattern that lasts a few hours, others a few days or weeks; most don’t have a regular cycle at all.)

    Second, you’ve ignored natural causes, which in my opinion is more likely than murder in this case. Cancer spreads to the bone: that’s what it does, and breast cancer above almost all. If Amy Robsart had cancer and if it did spread to her bones, it’s very possible that the jarring of walking down stairs caused a bone to break. This is why so many elderly people with osteoporosis or cancer break hips or spines “falling” down the stairs – in truth it’s the added stress walking down stairs places on the weakened bone that causes it to break. The victim falls because the bone breaks, not the other way around.

    Third, discounting suicide because Amy Robsart was religious is – and I’m sorry – both unhistorical and deeply, intensely ignorant of the reality of suicide among religious people or in Tudor England. We know there were suicides – including among the most intensely religious – but we can’t give an exact number because suicides were not counted; if a suicide couldn’t be hidden in the books as an accident, no record of the death was left behind except accidentally. And religious feeling has never stopped someone with severe depression (let alone severe pain) from committing suicide; if anything it makes it more likely, as the depressed person often believes they are going to Hell anyway so why does it matter?

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