1. Robert Kapanjie

    The most common sign of pseudocyesis ( false pregnancy )is abdominal enlargement that occurs without the typical effacement of the umbilicus observed in true pregnancy . The etiology is usually delusional or intense psychologic pressure to conceive. This was certainly true in Mary’s case.

    • Charlene

      This is inaccurate. “Phantom pregnancy” is a quack diagnosis deliberately invented by Freudians to blame women for physical illness by claiming it was really all in their crazy, crazy inferior dim little heads.

      Mary’s gynaecological history was cherry-picked by Freudians out of the historical record specifically because they could twist it into suiting their malicious ends, which is especially unfortunate as Mary’s symptoms are textbook – absolutely textbook – for a **physical** medical condition called complete hyatidiform molar pregnancy. She even had multiple known risk factors: Spanish ancestry, a first-time mother at a late age, menstrual irregularities, and a family history of obstetric issues.

      Most telling, even the most woman-hating Freudians couldn’t assert that “phantom pregnancy” was fatal so they had to invent another reason why Mary’s second supposed “phantom pregnancy” led to her death. But Occam’s razor cuts those theories to shreds; untreated, a molar pregnancy often develops into choriocarcinoma months or years later – and once again, Mary’s symptoms were absolutely textbook.

      There is no reason to diagnose anyone, ever, with “phantom pregnancy”, but it’s inexcusable to do so to Mary Tudor.

      By the way, the same doctors who made up phantom pregnancy also taught that multiple sclerosis was hysterical in nature and could be cured by the woman sexually submitting to her husband. Does that sound like evidence-based medicine?

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