Timeline: Henry VII


  • 28 January – Henry Tudor was born to Margaret Beaufort at Pembroke Castle. His father, Edmund Tudor was already deceased.


  • Henry Tudor was made a ward of Lord Herbert. Herbert was a supporter of the newly crowned Edward IV (Yorkist).


  • Lord Herbert was defeated by the Lancastrian faction and executed.


  • 4 May – The Battle of Tewkesbury; Lancaster was defeated. After many deaths Henry Tudor is the last of the Lancastrian royal line and was forced to flee abroad. He spent the next 14 years in exile.


  • 7 August – Henry arrives at Milford Haven. Anchored at Mill Bay, Pembrokeshire and upcoming coming ashore sinks to his knees, looks to the heavens and says, “Judge me O Lord and favour my cause.”
  • 22 August – Henry Tudor defeated Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth.
  • 27 October – Henry creates his uncle Jasper Tudor as Duke of Bedford and his step-father Thomas Stanley as Earl of Derby.
  • 30 October – Henry Tudor was crowned Henry VII of England at Westminster.
  • 10 December – the Speaker of the House of Commons urged Henry VII to act on his promise to marry Elizabeth of York.


  • 18 January – Married Elizabeth of York – uniting the houses of York and Lancaster
  • 20 September – Birth of first child, son and heir to the throne, Prince Arthur Tudor.


  • Lambert Simnel claims to be Edward IV’s nephew, Edward of Warwick
  • Elizabeth of York is crown Queen of England.
  • 16 June – The Battle of Stoke; Henry VII fought the Earl of Lincoln and Lambert Simnel at Stoke. Simnel was capture and Lincoln was killed.


  • 28 November – Birth of second child, a daughter, Princess Margaret Tudor. Margaret would later marry James IV of Scotland and become Queen of Scots.


  • Perkin Warbeck claims to be Richard, Duke of York (Edward IV’s son).
  • 28 June – Birth of third child, a son, Prince Henry Tudor…future Henry VIII of England.


  • Treaty of Etaples is signed; Peace with France.


  • 18 March – Birth of fourth child, a daughter, Princess Mary Tudor; She would later become Queen of France and then Duchess of Suffolk.


  • Thomas Wolsey is ordained as a priest.


  • 21 February – Birth of fifth child, a son, Edmund Tudor (Duke of Somerset)
  • Edward, Earl of Warwick, 1st cousin to Elizabeth of York and nephew to Richard III is executed.
  • Perkin Warbeck, “The Pretender” is executed.


  • 19 June – Death of fifth child Edmund Tudor


  • 14 November – Henry’s son Arthur marries Katherine of Aragon


  • 2 April – Henry’s eldest son and heir Arthur, Prince of Wales died unexpectedly.


  • 2 February – Birth of sixth child, a daughter, Princess Katherine Tudor.
  • 10 February – Death of sixth child Princess Katherine Tudor.
  • 11 February – Death of Queen Elizabeth of York
  • 25 June – Katherine of Aragon became betrothed to Prince Henry


  • 29 July – Death of Henry’s step-father, Thomas Stanley, 1st Earl of Derby.


  • Thomas Wolsey was appointed chaplain to Henry VII


  • 21 April – Death of King Henry VII of England
Henry VII funeral effigy, courtesy Westminster Abbey
Henry VII funeral effigy, courtesy Westminster Abbey

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