Elizabeth Tudor: Lost English Princess

Part 6: Elizabeth Tudor: Lost English Princess, 4th child and 2nd daughter of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. 

Princess Elizabeth Tudor
Princess Elizabeth Tudor

“2 July 1492 – birth of Elizabeth Tudor, Princess of England and daughter of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, at Sheen Palace. The fourth child and second daughter, Elizabeth’s short life is poorly documented and little is known of this tragic princess. As a younger sister to Arthur, Margaret and the future Henry VIII, it is likely she spent the majority of her life with Prince Henry and Princess Margaret at the royal nursery in Eltham Palace where sibling bonds would have been nurtured. As a royal daughter her value in diplomacy was tested when a marriage alliance was proposed between her and Prince Francis of France, who later became Francis I, her brother’s great rival. Elizabeth died aged only 3 years old, shortly before the birth of her younger sister Mary. The reactions of her parents are not recorded but suffice to say they must have been distraught at the death of a child who had been an integral part of the family over the previous few years. She was buried in the Chapel of St Edward the Confessor at Westminster Abbey in a small tomb after a comparitively lavish funeral where no expense was spared by her father. She would later be joined by her siblings Edmund and Katherine after their respective deaths.” – From The Henry Tudor Society via FB

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  1. Princess Elizabeth Tudor was such a sweet child and I am sure her three years were happy. It is sad that she did not live. I am sure that she would probably been one of the lucky ones. She would probably made a good marriage where she would be happy but instead God took her. Thank you for this. That this young child is not forgotten.

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